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The purpose of a Falls Chamber of Commerce (TFCC) committee is to deliver the specific program or event along with budgeted revenue that supports and continues the work of TFCC.  As a volunteer you are part of a team that assists the chamber in program, event and fundraising efforts. As a team member you are expected to present a positive attitude and bring new ideas and energy to the committee. A committee volunteer plays an active role and stays involved with the committee through the planning and execution of their chosen program or event.

Meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month, at 10:00 am

Meeting location TBA before each meeting or held via Zoom

Chair: Melissa Lesniak

The Falls Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee serves as the public relations arm of the Chamber. This energetic group of people helps maintain contact with other Chamber members while promoting the Chamber of Commerce and its purpose…. and of course, having fun while doing so!

In short, Chamber Ambassadors actively promote The Falls Chamber to the local business community, connect members with others in the community who can help them build and grow their business, and help push forward the Chamber mission: To be an active partner in improving the economic health, business environment, and vitality of Somersworth, Rollinsford, Berwick, North Berwick, and South Berwick.

For Retention, Ambassadors will help to ensure that new and current members feel welcomed, have a great experience and understand/take advantage of their membership benefits. For Recruitment, Ambassadors will be an extension of the Chamber, reaching out to potential new members by inviting them as guests to Chamber events and explaining the benefits of membership.

Why become an Ambassador?

Being an Ambassador is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to increase visibility for you and your business. Ambassador status positions you as a leader and a “go to” resource for area businesses. Being an Ambassador is a great way to build business relationships with members. 

Ambassadors gain business exposure by being the first to meet Chamber members and put their company's name in the forefront. By volunteering at Chamber events and attending Ambassador meetings, they are kept current on what is happening within the Chamber and our community.

In addition to these great benefits, ambassadors also receive the following perks:

  • Name badge -personalized with your name and business- identifying you as an Ambassador. 

  • Your name, photo, bio and business posted on the Chamber Website and in the Chamber Visitor Guide. (both print and digital)

  • A digital badge of honor distinguishing you as an ambassador, which you can post on your website and use in your marketing materials. 

  • Have the first opportunity to contact new businesses as they come to the area. 

  • Have a platform to demonstrate your community pride and contribute to its growth and development. 

  • Increased visibility through photo opps, press releases, TFCC news board and newsletter.

What Duties are Ambassadors Responsible for?

TFCC Ambassadors are expected to make Four (4) “touches” per month. These touches can be in-person, over the phone, via email, virtual meeting, or any other means of communication. 

The Four (4) touches should consist of 

  • Three (3) check-ins with existing members 

  • One (1) contact with a non-member

Ambassadors will be assigned their four 4 contacts at each meeting (see more below) and provided with both digital and print brochures, along with other marketing materials to share with contacts. Example scripts are also available for guidance in conversation. 

New Business Welcome

The “Falls” area is quickly becoming a hot-spot for new businesses and existing businesses seeking opportunities for expansion. The Chamber’s connection to the business pulse in the community means that we often learn of new businesses before they even break ground. This means that ambassadors have the exclusive opportunity to be the first in the community to personally welcome a new business. 

Since we can’t predict when a new business will come about, the procedure for contacting new businesses is as follows:

The Committee Chair or Executive Director will send a group-message when we learn of a new business, and we will ask for an ambassador to volunteer to contact the business and welcome them to the community on behalf of the Chamber. 

The first ambassador to “reply all” volunteering to make the contact will have the privilege of making the connection. 

If an ambassador becomes aware of a new business before the Chamber does, they are welcome to reach out to that business on behalf of the Chamber, but they are asked to notify the group so we don’t duplicate efforts. 

Monthly Meetings

3rd Thursday of every month, at 10:00 am

Ambassadors are expected to attend monthly meetings, on the 3rd Thursday @ 10:00am.   These meetings will be held virtually until further notice. 

Each meeting will begin with a round-robin style conversation where each ambassador will have the opportunity to discuss the four contacts that they made and any feedback or notable outcomes of those interactions. 

Ambassadors will hold themselves accountable for making four connections each month, and coming to the meeting prepared to discuss their interactions. 

Each meeting agenda will include the assignments for the following month’s contacts, with each Ambassador assigned four (4) contacts. 

Ambassadors are welcome to discuss amongst each other if they’d like to “trade” any contacts. Ambassadors are also welcome to submit requests ahead of the meeting if there are particular businesses that they’d like to contact. 

Requirements to Become an Ambassador: 

  • Must complete and return the Ambassador application

  • Make a 1-year commitment to the Ambassador Program 

  • Ability to meet committee expectations as outlined above. 

Meeting times TBD

Meetings will be held via Zoom unless otherwise planned in advance.

To create, plan and implement events that meet the mission of the Chamber. The events are signature educational and business development events, as well as fundraising events. Each event will have their own sub-committees who will report back to the Events committee at their monthly meetings.

If you are interested in joining the Events Committee, please apply below:

Stay tuned for more information and meeting times and feel free to contact Bonnie with any questions in the meantime.





The Falls Chamber of Commerce is a professional association of businesses in  the falls area.  We are the catalyst that facilitates business growth , prosperity, partnership and success for our members. 


Bonnie McNair, Executive Director
office hours by appointment: 472 High Street, Somersworth NH 03878



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