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  • 03/09/2020 2:21 PM | Bonnie McNair (Administrator)

    New Hampshire’s Hilltop Chevrolet Celebrates 40 Years (1980-2020)

    Ron Currier’s Hilltop Chevrolet turns 40 years old. The dealership opened in Somersworth, NH, in 1980, on the corner of West High Street and Route 108. When Ron created Hilltop, the surrounding area was farmland, certainly not the booming business corridor that exists today. But his vision and his loyalty to better the community was strong.

    The story of Ron Currier’s Hilltop Chevrolet is an American dream come true. As a child, Ron loved cars and imagined himself one day owning an auto dealership of his own, and through hard work and perseverance he achieved that dream. Through the years, he has built relationships with customers and vendors, not just focusing on the art of the sale. Ron treasurers how he has been known, to sell vehicles to generations of the same family. He has made many friends, worked hard and taken risks, surviving good times and bad. It is this personal plan and vision, that has sustained him, his family and employees, in a tough business.

    In 2008-2009, during a particularly tumultuous time in the auto industry, he fought hard to stay afloat. Not one employee lost their job or was forced to take a pay cut. It was a matter of “personal pride” that he would take care of things and turn things around, which he did.

    Part of the success of Ron Currier’s Hilltop Chevrolet has been the willingness to adapt to changes in the industry. Encouraging employee education and acceptance of best practices, is just a part of the investment. The state-of- the- art Ron Currier’s Hilltop Chevrolet is a showpiece, making for an even better marker on the entryway of Somersworth.

    For Ron Currier, pride is one word that best describes his 40 years in business. “I am proud of my business success, and appreciative of dedicated employees, and proud to have earned many loyal customers. I am proud of the community and that I am able to give back.”

    In today’s world, not many people get up every day, loving the idea of going to work. Plus, few businesses are able to survive 40-years. The loyalty of employees and customers is not taken for granted. Having daughter Kylie embrace the business, to some day make it her own, is another goal of Ron’s. Kylie Currier Goodwin inherited her father’s love for the automobile business. She has been employed at Hilltop for 14 years, currently serving as operation’s manager.

    Congrats to Ron Currier’s Hilltop Chevrolet on achieving this major milestone. Somersworth Mayor Dana Hilliard shared his thoughts. “For 40 years Ron Currier and the Hilltop Chevrolet team have modeled the characteristics of being a professional business and a valued neighbor.”

    For more information on Hilltop Chevrolet visit

  • 03/09/2020 12:40 PM | Bonnie McNair (Administrator)

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    Join West Wellness LLC for their first Berwick Community Wellness Fair on Saturday, April 18th!

    Starting at noon on the 18th, after the Run for Fox Sake 5K race for Parkinsons research, we will open our doors to you all for a day filled with treating yourself right!

    There will be many practitioners and vendors setup offering their services (bodywork, reiki, oils, crystals, henna, tarot readings, polarity, yoga training discounts, etc.) and a slew of raffle prizes!

    There will be a $10 suggested donation (not required for entry!) at the door, for which you will receive 10 raffle tickets to use for whichever prize calls to you! More raffle tickets can be purchased for $1 a ticket!

    After the fair is closing down, we will have the wonderful Shiva Lila performing a Kirtan (group chant) at 7PM to truly put a cap on the festivities!

    All ages welcome!

    We are still getting all our ducks in a row, so keep checking back for more details about this awesome day!

  • 03/08/2020 9:03 PM | Bonnie McNair (Administrator)

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Business Information Session

    Strafford County Public Health, in conjunction with the Dover, Falls, and Rochester Chambers of Commerce, will host an information session about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on Tuesday, March 10 at 6 p.m. at the Somersworth Middle School. All local businesses are invited to attend. The session will provide factual information about the virus and what it could mean for business, as well as best business practices in the interest of public health. Light refreshments will be provided by Stewart's Ambulance.

    Please RSVP HERE

  • 03/03/2020 10:45 AM | Bonnie McNair (Administrator)


    If you have any comments or questions, please contact Scott Smith at

  • 03/02/2020 2:37 PM | Bonnie McNair (Administrator)

    Somersworth High School and Career Technical Center would like to invite you to participate in this year’s Career Fair on Friday, April 24th, 2018 from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm at Somersworth High School & Career Technical Center.

    We are working to invite a wide variety of local businesses, professionals in various career fields, college departments, college admissions representatives, and military recruiters. The end goal is to expose Somersworth students to a wide variety of potential careers and put them in contact with opportunities for part-time employment/internships during high school, full-time employment upon graduation and/or post-secondary education and training opportunities.

    The Somersworth Career Fair will be set up much like any other job or college fair. We will have tables for each participant to set up materials. Students will filter in and out on a schedule to keep traffic steady. Participants are encouraged to bring materials used in your career field; hands-on demonstrations; and/or materials to promote your business, college, or the military. If you offer part-time jobs, internships, or scholarships to students, we encourage you to bring these materials as well.

    Somersworth Career Fair Details:


    • To expose Somersworth High School students to a wide variety of potential careers.
    • To educate students as to what steps they need to take in order to obtain a career and be successful in a particular career field. To bridge the gap between high school and careers.
    • To put students in contact with individuals (i.e. colleges, apprenticeships, training programs) who can help them continue their education/training after high school.
    • To create a stronger college and career ready culture at Somersworth High School; which will, in turn, strengthen the workforce in Somersworth


    • Each participant should RSVP to Melanie Chase-Benoit via e-mail or telephone. You simply need to indicate your interest and confirm your contact e-mail to receive further details.
    • This will prompt you to receive a Google Form via e-mail to confirm your participation. On the online RSVP form, participants may indicate the number of individuals attending and any necessary accommodations (i.e. access to electrical outlet, internet access, etc.).
    • Each participant will have a table and chairs provided to them. You may bring a table cloth, banner, or any other type of sign to promote your business, college, or military branch.
    • Participants are encouraged to bring materials used in your career field; hands-on demonstrations; and/or materials to promote your business, college, or military branch. If you offer part-time jobs, internships, or scholarships to students, we encourage you to bring these applications as well.
    • On the day of the event, participants will park in front of Somersworth High School and be directed to their table in the gym by a member of the SHS staff.
    • Students will filter in and out on a schedule to keep traffic steady.
    • Students will be given a list of potential questions to help spark conversation between students and participants. Students will be directed to visit the tables of the businesses, colleges, and military branches that suit their interests.
    • The goal is that students will be able to have discussions one-on-one and in small groups with people who can help them learn about a particular career field and the steps they can take now to set themselves up to be successful in the future.
    • I will use an incentive system to encourage students to talk with multiple participants. Students will have a sign off sheet for participants to sign after having a conversation. Students will turn in these sheets to be entered to win prizes. If you would like to donate a prize to the fair, please indicate so on the online RSVP form. This is completely optional; we appreciate your generosity.

  • 02/26/2020 8:41 AM | Bonnie McNair (Administrator)

    Introduction to Drawing the Figure


    Wednesdays, March 11 - April 29, 6-9:00PM

    Room 308 – Great Bay CC, Portsmouth Campus (Cost:  $299)

    In this course, the students will be guided through the process of visual analysis while learning basic human figure proportions from life.

    Emphasis will be on observation and composition towards the simplification of the figure into shapes and lines within the space of the rectangle, then progressing

    to interpretation of these elements into a more personal expression. Guided exercises and timed drawings throughout the course help with the growth of these skills and the liberation of expression. Media will range from charcoal on paper, to ink, to black-and-white paint, to color paint, to mixed media.

    Prior drawing helpful but not necessary.

    Digital Photography

    Thursdays, April 2 – 30, 6-9:00PM

    Room 216 – Great Bay CC, Portsmouth Campus (Cost:  $299)

    Learn basic concepts and practices of digital photography, including understanding and use of the camera, lenses, and other basic photographic equipment. We will address aesthetic principles as they relate to composition, space, exposure, light and color.

    Course highlights include:

    • Your digital camera and how it works; the dreaded menu system and how to make it work for you; using automatic and manual exposure controls

    • Understanding exposure triangle and depth of field square; what is a histogram and how to use to make perfectly exposed images

    • Choosing the lens and the effect on the final image; depth of field change with focal length and effect on final image

    • Understanding composition and creating images with impact

    • Putting it all together for the web or hanging on a wall; Discussing color space and file type as it relates to final output.

    Call 603-427-7653 or via email

    To register please contact our One

    Stop Department at 603-427-7610


  • 02/23/2020 9:37 AM | Deleted user

    Exclusive discounts to members and employees of the member business.  

    Member businesses offering a discount have the benefit of added exposure and new customers.

    As a member of the chamber, offer these discounts to your employees as a perk of employment!  

    Do you have a discount or promotion to offer?  Let us know.

    click HERE: 

    Thank you for your collaboration!

  • 02/13/2020 1:06 PM | Bonnie McNair (Administrator)

    Take a break from cabin fever with stimulating conversation and a classic card game at the 11th annual cribbage tournament at Rollinsford’s historic Colonel Paul Wentworth House on Saturday, March 7.

    All skill ranges are welcome, from beginner to seasoned expert. Guests are invited to come as a team or as individuals; solo players will be paired up with a partner on the afternoon of the tournament. Registration is at 1:00 pm and play begins at 1:30 pm. The entry fee is $30 per team or $20 per person, and a cash prize of $50 will be awarded to the tournament champion. Players are also asked to bring some food to share and the beverage of your choice. Paper goods and utensils will be provided.

    The cribbage tournament is a great opportunity to show support for the Colonel Paul Wentworth House, meet new people and have a fun time. Seating is limited so reserve your spot by sending an email to or by calling Mike at 603-817-4545 or John at 207-475-6150. When registering, please provide your name and the number in your party.

    The circa 1701 Wentworth House is located on Water Street in Rollinsford and is maintained by the Association for Rollinsford Culture and History (ARCH). For more information about this and other events at the Wentworth House, consult the ARCH website at

  • 02/07/2020 2:35 PM | Bonnie McNair (Administrator)


    Somersworth, N.H. – On Leap Year Day downtown Somersworth is going to Rock!

    Susan Lawrence, her daughter, Christine McLaren, and her granddaughter, Brianna McLaren are excited to bring the first Smash Room venue to New Hampshire.

    On February 29th and March 1st we will be taking walk-ins. Come in, pick out the things you want to smash, gear up. We will then escort you to one of our three smash rooms. Using either a hockey stick, baseball bat, golf club, or sledgehammer, you will be able to smash your troubles away.

    Participants must be over 18 years of age (16 & 17 year olds when accompanied by a parent)

    But Wait, there’s more! Downstairs, we have a Nerf Arena that is fun for all ages. Bring the whole family!

    While you are waiting we have oodles of board games and card games to keep you entertained. It’s time to get off our phones and be social!

    Whether it’s for Family fun, a team building event, or to just smash something this is the place to be.

  • 02/06/2020 5:42 PM | Bonnie McNair (Administrator)

    SBA is hosting small business roundtables, workshops and webinars around the state.

    SBA's monthly webinar series “Small Business Solutions” occurs on the third Tuesday of each month featuring different topics of interest to small business.   This month, we are talking about our own programs and resources and how to access them to help start or grow a small business in NH.    Both partners and business owners are welcome to join these free webinars, so please feel free to call in as well.

    SBA has a lot going on, so please share the events with your local small business community.  You can find them on our website at SBA February Happenings.





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